Appdicted: Clue

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Keeping track of your body and health is pretty darn important, Fangirls. Luckily, for those of us who find it hard to do so or are just a little flaky, there’s the wonder of technology. Clue is an amazing app that I’ve just discovered, that helps you track your period, it’s symptoms, and your fertility and ovulation. It’s useful, well designed, and a brilliant tool for those who deal with the lovely menstrual cycle. Read More »

Let’s Talk About: 3 Steps to Sex

Believe it or not, there are some rules to sex, Fangirls. You can do things how ever you want, explore, have fun. But there is a little check list that you should always be going through before you go ahead with all the touching. I’ve found that people like to use a lot of excuses when it comes to safe & positive sex, Fangirls. One I see a lot is that it’s too awkward to communicate during sex or to ask about sexual history. It “kills the mood”, or people just don’t know where to fit the conversation in to an encounter. Well, I assure you can go about protecting yourself and your partner, in a safe manner. There are three things that must happen before you have sex, and I promise you can quickly accomplish them all and move on to the main event.

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