Feminerd: Autostraddle

auto-straddle-logoFangirls, I think it’s time that this site talks about one my favorite sites. Though it is aimed toward ladies who like ladies, there is something for every woman to love about this website. They talk about everything under the sun, add in a kick of feminist perspective & concern, and a healthy dose of humor. The website is very real. It’s real women, just writing about every day stuff that going on, varying from politics to television to sex. It’s a feminerd gal’s dream.

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HRC Buyer’s Guide


Fangirls! This Sunday, instead of telling you all about a certain place or business, I’ve decided to tell you about a resource I use to choose the places I go to. The Human Rights Campaign has designed a way to give bigger businesses & corporations a report card on how they’re treating their LGBT employees. With a few clicks, you can learn if you’re supporting businesses that might not be supporting you.

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Music: New Women of Hip Hop

Fangirls, there seems to be a powerful & talented new generation of young, female rappers thriving off of today’s world & the music of their youth. Artists like Missy Elliot, Salt n Pepa, Lil’ Kim, &  Da Brat, who opened up the field of Hip Hop for women have inspired young women who are now taking hold of the game. The world of hip hop is much like a lot of the world in general. Male dominated, with a lot of hate & pressure thrown around it’s female community. Despite how these women are viewed or view each other, these are damn talented young ladies.

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Lost Girl


Fangirls! About a week ago I decided to check out the show Lost Girl on Netflix, after finally getting curious after seeing Tumblr post after Tumblr post about it. I don’t watch a lot of science fiction type shows, and I had no idea what to expect from this series. All I knew was that it had a lot of sex in it, and that was enough to peak my interest to go watch an episode or two.

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