Rolling Project Pan: Update 7

Happy Memorial Day, friends and Fangirls! Since I have today off from work, I was able to be lazy about this, and wait until right now to work on this! But I haven’t been lazy with panning; I actually have some really exciting progress (and a mildly embarrassing “oops”) to share with you. So, lets dive right in!

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Rolling Project Pan: Update 5

Friends and fangirls, since I have been away on vacation, this update has been pushed back a bit. As much as I love writing, the last thing I wanted to do last Sunday night was sit down to write. So we’re a week later. But on the plus side, that means more progress!

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My Beauty Baseline

So Fangirls, the other day I was thinking about all of the awesome products that I get to try out and tell you about, and I realized that we skipped something very important; my beauty baseline.  It’s important to let you know what my normal is, because it’s entirely possible for my body to react to products differently than yours.  So now you’re going to learn a bit about me.


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