The Love for Pokémon Just Doesn’t Stop

Alright, Fangirls. I know we’ve talked about a pretty copious amount of Pokémon stuff here, but I’m not done. I really do enjoy Pokémon more than I thought I would, and I think a big part of that is because I am coming into the game so late with it. Everything has been done before; I have access to things like Bulbapedia that are incredibly helpful, a ton of friends far more experienced in the world of pocket monsters who can help me out, and new games coming out this year (the rerelease of the original versions of Red, Blue, and Yellow, along with Pokémon Go set to release later this year). I’m playing Pokémon at a pretty wonderful time.


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Watch: Buzzfeed Video

photoA lot of people have a lot of varying opinions regarding Buzzfeed. However, I think for the most part, people are as into it as I am. I think they are the perfect media & entertainment source for young people today, and are just making killer content. Among that content, are some damn amazing videos that I can’t seem to take my eyes off of.

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Heathers the Musical Soundtrack

Whoah, Emily writing about music? “What has the world come to?” you may ask. Don’t worry your beautiful Fangirl head, it’s just for now. I wanted to write about the Heathers the Musical soundtrack because it combines two of my favorite things; The Heathers & musicals.


Fangirls. I fucking love the Heathers movie. If you haven’t seen it, it’s on Netflix, and I’ll give you time to watch it.

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