Bob’s Burgers Burger Book by Loren Bouchard & the Writers of Bob’s Burgers

Fangirls, I love cookbooks. I think they’re fabulous, and that may come from growing up in a house where we have never had fewer than ten (some recipes you can not get rid of, and it’s easier to keep their books than to write down your favorites). I have a(n unofficial) Harry Potter cookbook, that I love so much because Harry Potter is one of my favorite things, and cooking is another! Plus the idea of fandom related snacks really speaks to me (obviously). So when the Bob’s Burgers Burger Book was announced last year, I totally lost my mind. I adore Bob’s Burgers, both the show and the comic, so of course I wanted the book!


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Fangirl Wishlist: Emily

Its that time of year again, Fangirls! Last year we had different ladies and gents from all over the internet write up a short wishlist of the rad and nerdy things they wanted for the holidays! And now, we’re bringing it back. Mine this year is going to feature both things that I already have (but recommend to every Fangirl), and things that I desperately want in my life. I know it’s early to start on this, but my birthday is in November (so it’s two fold for me), but we also want to give you time to order things online!

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Nerds Gotta Eat: Thou Shalt Have Avocad-No Other Goudas Than Me Burger

Fangirls, I love Bob’s Burgers. Its a strange, passionate love that I harbor for this foolish show; so much so that I rematch the seasons over and over again, to the point of having parts memorized. As you may recall, I read the comic last month, and was all about it, especially Bob’s Burger of the Day Ideas. I grabbed a couple of his ideas, and ran with them, the first is from a list of the Ten Condiments, and is called “Thou Shalt Have Avocad-No Other Goudas Than Me.” It’s great.


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Bob’s Burgers Volume One

Fangirls, I have a strong and passionate love for Bob’s Burgers, the TV show. When I don’t feel like doing stuff, or when I’m knitting and want something good On in the background, I put on BB and really enjoy it. No matter how often I see episodes, I still love them. So when I last went to the comic shop, I picked myself up a copy of Bob’s Burgers Volume One, and fell in love with another aspect of the series.


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