Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller

I received this book as a part of my March Unplugged box and took way too long to read it! But now that I’ve read it, I want to recommend it to everyone who is willing to listen; this book is incredible. 

Warrior of the Wild is about a young warrior named Rasmira, who is set to become an adult and the leader of her tribe. But when her trial is sabatogged, she is banished and sent to the Wild with an impossible task: killing a god. 

While in the Wild, Rasmira meets a couple other folks who have been banished, and they all learn to work better and harder towards their impossible tasks. They become tolerant of each other; teaching and helping each other to get closer to their goals. 

This book is incredible. I absolutely loved everything about it, and was screaming it’s praise before i was even halfway done. Warrior of the Wild is beautifully written, Stars a powerful female main character, and is just So Good. 

I do have a bit of a complaint. As much as I adored all of this book, I really would have enjoyed having the ending fleshed out more. I understand the ending, but I feel like a little more time could have been put into it. That being said, i still loved every word and paragraph. 

This book is just rad. There’s no way to explain it other than that; I love this book. It was easily one of my favorite reads of 2019, and I’m so grateful to Unplugged for it coming into my life!


On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden

I grabbed this graphic novel because it was huge and the cover was striking. When I checked out, the cashier was excited because she had read parts of the webcomic awhile back, and it made me even more excited to read it. But I still took my dang time getting to it. But I read it, and I loved it. 

On A Sunbeam is about people who rebuild and fix up old buildings. They help old churches become apartment buildings, or offices; all sorts of things. But they all have interesting pasts, and when their newest worker, Mia, joins, those pasts open up a bit. 

This book takes place five years ago and now, both following Mia. Five years ago, she was in school and falling in love. But now she’s working to rebuild buildings, and thinking about her past. 

This book is beautiful in ways I didn’t expect, and I loved it so dang much. I was blown away by the beauty of the art and the story, and I really can’t recommend it enough. Clocking in at 535 pages, this is a behemoth of a graphic novel. But it is so dang worth your time. Grab a copy for yourself at Barnes & Noble, or check your local library. 













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