Hex Vet: Witches in Training by Sam Davies

I grabbed this graphic novel while buying too many books in Barnes & Nobel the other day, and I’m quite glad that I did. Hex Vet is Davies’ first graphic novel, and they did a phenomenal job at it!

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Coady and the Creepies Issue 1 by Liz Prince, Amanda Kirk, and Hannah Fisher

I woke up yesterday with the best intentions, Fangirls; I was going to read Last Man book 3 and serve up some sweet review for it. But I fell into some serious tummy trouble, and that went out the window. Almost everything went out the window when I woke up an hour and a half late today. But there is good news! I read Coady and the Creepies issue 1 today and it’s great! So we’re going to talk about that.

Kat Leyh Cover

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Backstagers: Act One

Fangirls, I bought this in a whim a couple months ago, and didn’t actually get to sit down and read it until this morning before we left. I was intrigued by it because it’s Boom! Box and  hey do amazing things, but also the colors are beyond gorgeous. I’m incredibly glad I finally got to crack it, though, because it seems like the beginning of something phenomenal.


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Giant Days Year One

Alright Fangirls. Remember how a couple weeks ago I wrote about how I lost my mind over reading Giant Days? Well turns out the author, John Allison, wrote an earlier series, Giant Days Year One, and the comic that I read was the follow up to that. So when I saw Year One on Comixology (before i realized it came first), I was all, oh jeez I didn’t know they made a second part of the series. Obviously, I was wrong. But I’m incredibly glad that I was, because wow.


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