Knixwear’s Evolution Bra

I struggle finding comfortable bras that do not hurt my back all too often. I’ve been told countless times that it is in part because I haven’t properly sized myself, which is definitely a possibility. But I had an advertisement the other day for Knixwear and their incredible, Evolution Bra. I read some reviews (almost entirely positive), sized myself, and placed an order for a reversible nude and black bra.

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Boobage by Monica Gallagher

image_1 (2)I picked up this book from Ms. Gallagher herself at Small Press Expo in September, with delight, Fangirls. It just seemed awesome. Then, I read it, and turns out it was awesome. A book, and a comic at that, all about boobs from the perspective of someone with boobs. Sure, people who love boobs think about boobs a whole lot. But who really has boobs weighing on their mind, are the people that have them.

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