I wanted you all to know that we’ll be taking a short hiatus. I’ve been really overwhelmed with fundraising and training, along with work, other work, and writing. I need the week to try to get some posts backed up and prepared, so I can be more consistent and ready to go. I apologize, but I’m hopeful that it’ll make things easier, if I have some time to get some stuff on the back burner.

I appreciate your patience and support. We will be back next Thursday, and ready to go!



Fangirls, I need to take a break. Things are difficult and frustrating and my anxiety is disgustingly high. I have a lot of trouble managing stress and depression, and everything is so overwhelming right now. After tomorrow (Saturday July 16th), I will be taking a week-long break to concentrate on preparing things for moving and life. I’m trying to juggle too much right now, and though a week definitely isn’t enough, it’s as much of a break I can really take without falling too far behind in everything. I feel incredibly guilty about taking just the week, but I need to make myself safe and as comfortable as possible. I’m hoping things will be easier for me. I appreciate you’re understanding, and hope that you’ll continue to support Fangirls Are We. I will be back on July 24th.

Spring Break Safety Tips!

What not to do.

So, I know, nobody wants to be told to ruin their fun with this lame thing called “safety” right? But, it won’t ruin it! In fact, you might have a lot more fun in the knowledge that you will make it back to school with all of your fingers and sans STD’s. I don’t know, I am always conscious of staying alive, even when I am irresponsibly drunk. So, I’ve got a good amount of tips here for all sorts of stuff that I found on the internet and, some I made up myself!!

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Batwoman #34


I write this article with a heavy Fangirl heart, and for a few reasons. Firstly, this issue was pretty darn sad for anyone who has read the series for a long time, and gotten to know the characters. More on that later. Secondly, DC announced that it will be cancelling this series in March. I feel quite heartbroken. So, with only a few issues left to hang on to, Fangirls, we’ll jump into issue #34, which really just adds insult to injury. Read More »

Rocket Girl #5


Greetings, Fangirls! Rocket Girl has return for one whirlwind of a fifth issue. We were left fingers crossed that Rocket Girl was okay after crashing in a high speed chase through the city. In the series’ return from hiatus, that question is answered, but more arise. Let me tell you, Fangirls, this issue is like woah.

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