Nerds Gotta Drink: Hard Ciders

DSC_1020I love me some cider, Fangirls. Other than a strong Tom Collins, hard cider is my drink of choice. However, when I’m thirsty, I don’t reach for those sugary and weak brands discreetly produced by big name companies. I live in Upstate New York, the land of craft brewing. Little do people know, that goes for a whole more than beer. The craft cider revolution is upon us, Fangirls. To my pleasure, it’s beginning to really boom in the northeast, and I’ve got a few favorite ciders to share with the world.Read More »


Appdicted: Untappd

image1 (6)Mothers can teach us so much, Fangirls. And now in this great age of moms on the internet, there is no stopping them. My mother was eager to show me her latest app obsession, and once downloaded, I could see why. If you often appreciate a lot of fantastic, unique, craft beers, this is the only app you’ll need to have on hand.

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How To: Make Cold Brew Coffee

image6 (2)I’ll be honest, the coffee snob in me will most likely be disappointed at most of the latest coffee trends. However, I’m extremely happy that every one seems to be boarding the cold brew train. Cold brew is a delicious alternative to watery, tasteless ice coffee. It seems fancy, and something only your local barista could conjure up, but you can very easily brew this stuff right at home.

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How To: Brew Coffee in a Moka Pot

image (2)I adore coffee, Fangirls. One of the things I love most about it is the variety. There’s so many different beans, roasts, and when to brew it. One of my favorite brewing methods, by far, is the moka pot. It’s also called a stovetop espresso maker/machine or a percolator. Whatever you choose to call it, the coffee it makes is delicious, rich, and strong. However, getting to the point of delicious moka pot coffee in your home takes a few steps.

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Ultimate Coffee Fangirl Wishlist

It’s probably pretty apparent that I am a humongous coffee geek.  I’m always looking for and researching new gadgets, brewing methods, and blends. Though I’m very particular about it all, any coffee related would be a lovely gift to get. I’ve compiled this list of equipment for different home brew methods, some of my favorite roasts & blends, and great mugs to drink it all out of!

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Nerds Gotta Drink: Princess Peach’s Peach Iced Tea


Fangirls, as you might know from the article I posted a few weeks back, I love me some iced tea. I’ve tried so many different brands, I figured the only one left I hadn’t tried was my own variety. So I decided to give it a go, and realized that not only could this save me a lot of money, that it was fucking delicious. Tell Mario to only come to the rescue if he’s got a pitcher of this in tow.

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