The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

I had looked at this book a couple times in both Target and Barnes and Noble, and finally grabbed it one day. It was in the middle grade section, so I knew it would be a relatively quick read for me. I was excited to read it, regardless. 

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Andre the Giant: Life and Legend by Box Brown

Earlier this week I read this incredible, biographical graphic novel about Andre The Giant. I knew of him from The Princess Bride, and I had a small inkling that he was involved in wresting, but I knew very little about wresting. But the graphic novel really opened my eyes to the way things are done in wrestling, and to a multitude of information on Andre The Giant.

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Catwoman Issue 40

I’ve realized, over the past couple of years, that my comic preferences tend to follow who I want to be. I don’t buy Batman comics because he isn’t someone I want to be, he’s someone I wouldn’t mind sleeping with. And that’s why I love Catwoman. When she’s not stealing, she’s usually dripping in jewels, attending high society parties, and sometimes sleeping with Bruce Wayne. What’s not to love? Plus she has a bunch of cats! The thing is, Fangirls, the new Catwoman is less about Catwoman, and more about Selina running crime in Gotham, and it’s a bit frustrating.


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Catwoman Issue 39

Fangirls, when I read this new crime-family-boss Catwoman, my mind goes back and forth between yaas Catwoman get it, and wait, what?  It’s a confusing life, and since reading about crime families is such foreign territory to me (the closest I’ve read similar to this is the Long Halloween trio of books; those kind of deal with Gotham’s crime families), and that isn’t much.  I definitely feel like I’m learning a lot about things I didn’t think Catwoman would teach me about, but I like learning from her (not that I see myself using any slight understanding of Gotham’s crime families to my advantage, ever).


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Catwoman Issue 38

Fangirls, I love Catwoman.  I love her Catsuit, attitude, and how clever she is.  Above all of that, I’m learning how much I love her pantsuit.  It sounds foolish, doesn’t it?  Loving a character simply for their costume?  But I love it because she’s not in the Catsuit anymore.  She’s far more powerful now; leading an army of Gotham’s gangsters against the Black Mask ( a more than formidable adversary).


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