Mint Bubble Brush from Lush

I hadn’t bought anything from Lush in just over a year. I went in, spent $50, and only one of the things I bought was for me. I bought the Mint Bubble Brush because I love mint. It’s a grey blue reusable bubble brush (making it one of the best-for-the-price items there) that smells of mint and bergamot. And it’s soothing as heck.

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Supertramp Bubble Bar from Lush

As I make my way through my trunk full of lush items, I finally reached Supertramp. Supertramp is a Bubble Bar that I ordered before my trip to the UK because I knew I wanted to get one each for my friend and I. I read a bit about it, and knew it was something I wanted to try. I can’t believe I took me almost a year to actually do so!

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