Powerpuff Girls: Second Chances

I picked up this trade while at Free Comic Book Day for a couple reasons; I could use more PPG in my life, I love comics, and my favorite girl Sedusa was on the cover. So I grabbed it, got my free comics, and went on my way. But it took forever for me to finally sit down to read it. Luckily, when I did, I wasn’t disappointed. 

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Supertramp Bubble Bar from Lush

As I make my way through my trunk full of lush items, I finally reached Supertramp. Supertramp is a Bubble Bar that I ordered before my trip to the UK because I knew I wanted to get one each for my friend and I. I read a bit about it, and knew it was something I wanted to try. I can’t believe I took me almost a year to actually do so!

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The Villains Throne: Jareth

Fellow villain lovers; gather! It is time again to come together and pick out a beautiful baddie to talk about. After our last villain, who was a total creep fest, I decided it was a good time to pick one of the greats to gush over this month. This month we are going to go deep into a magical place with twist and turns and we may not make it out alive: the 1980’s! AH! Jokes aside our villain does live in a twisty turney upside down world; the Labyrinth. Hold on to your tight pants, check on your little brothers and remember you have no power over me, this month we are talking about The Goblin King himself; Jareth.


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Creamy Candy Bubble Bar from Lush

There’s nothing like a hot soak after a long day of work and video games. Fangirls, ages ago I bought the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar from Lush, and it slowly fell to the bottom of my Lush basket. It sat and waited for me to find it again, and the other day I finally did! It had been so long since I had purchased it that I no longer knew the name of it, and had to look it up. I felt really foolish about that, and will be labelling my Lush bags from now on.


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