Calavera Bath Bomb from Lush

Fangirls, I found a new favorite bath bomb, and it’s one I’ll never be able to use again. Calaveras was a part of the holiday exclusives released in the UK, and it was a part of my final order from the company before going on my no buy.

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Lush’s Calacas Shower Gel

Before the start of 2018, I placed an order with Lush’s new Exclusives tab on their UK page. I only ordered 3 things (Calacas Shower Gel, the Calavera Bath Bomb, and So White Shower Gel) because I knew I was going to be making myself go through almost all of my stock before I bought more, but I was really intrigued by the Calacas scent (and love So White). I wasn’t sure how much I’d love it, but I know I’m a citrus fan, and figured why not.

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