Fangirl Wishlist: Rose

It’s the most wonderful time of the year fellow fangirls and fanboys! The time of year where we all reflect on the past year and be thankful for what we have, and then wish for more! But seriously what is more exciting than filling out a wish list? It’s become a pastime of mine, it’s like pre-shopping. There’s no commitment, just wishing for the pretty things you see on your screen. Anyway, this is my first year doing the wish list here at Fan Girls Are We and I am excited to see what my fellow writers are wishing for this year.
Now my wish lists are vast and varied but to fit with the theme I narrowed it down to some very geektastic items and tried to pick a couple of fun categories. Maybe I will inspire some of you out there to add to your wish lists! Let’s get started!

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The Walking Dead: “Claimed”

The-Walking-Dead-4x11So this episode was pretty quiet, but it was still quite enjoyable. There were a few walkers here and there, but people were the bigger threat in this one. Glenn and Tara are now travelling with Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita after they picked them up on the side of the road, Glenn is passed out at the beginning of the episode, but when he wakes up,m some head butting happens, but I will get to that.

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The Walking Dead: “After”

the-walking-dead-afterIt’s back from the dead! The Walking Dead returned last night from it’s mid-season break and boy did they take this chance to really stoke the flames of anxiety. At the end of last season, the Governor attacked, killed Herschel, and got himself killed in the push for revenge against Rick. Everyone is scattered. The prison is gone, and everyone bolted in different directions in the confusion.

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