Star Trek Discovery

I was raised on Star Trek. As a baby, I’d watch the Original Series reruns and new episodes of Next Generation. I have very distinct memories of watching the finales of DS9 and Voyager. I enjoyed Enterprise as a teenager. And now, as an adult, I get to watch an all new Star Trek – Star Trek Discovery.

discovery 1

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Supergirl Premiere

Fangirls, I am such a fan of the TV shows Arrow and The Flash, that when I heard the creator was making Supergirl I was insanely excited for so many reasons. And now, after watching the premiere, I am not disappointed.


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On: Supergirl Series Trailer

1425677969_supergirl-zoomI was going to write about something completely different for this article, Fangirls, but then this happened. And I have so many feelings. I had no idea this trailer was happening yesterday, and honestly, I had no idea this series was happening. Sure, it makes sense with the sudden peak in superhero things hitting the home screens, but does the series itself make sense?

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Feminerd: Tavi Gevinson

Tavi-Gevinson-writer-actress-302A few weeks ago, I was watching CBS Sunday Morning with my mother, like I do nearly every weekend. I always look forward to the Sunday Profile, in which they do a lovely & lengthy interview with someone. The type of person they speak with always varies a great deal. Politicians, musicians, activists. This time it was a very young woman named Tavi Gevinson, a name I had never heard before. After watching the interview, I wished I had heard the name ages ago.

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