Fit Girls Guide: 28 Day Jumpstart

Friends, Family, and Fangirls. Today we’re here to commemorate my pride in an online fitness regimen that came to me in the form of a digital book. The book tells you everything about how to live your life for 28 days; recipes, exercises, and positive reinforcements. Plus there’s an entire online community keeping up on instagram and twitter. It’s a bit wild, but I’m loving it so far.


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Appdicted: Peak



I was delighted to discover this app, Fangirls. I think these new type of “brain training” games are important, especially when you’re not always using your brain to it’s potential. However, you always seem to have to pay a pretty penny for them. Pricey video games & apps costing up to $10, though helpful & extensive, just seem outrageous to me. To my luck, I stumbled upon Peak. Though it offers more in depth in-app purchases, Peak gives you a few great challenges that certainly get the gears turning in your brain.

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