Moving Roadtrip

Tomorrow we move my dresser, filled with clothing and housewares, from New York to Maryland. I’m terrified. I know it’s goofy to be scared of moving a dresser, but it’s a big step. I feel like it makes it even more real than just signing the lease.

I think it’s more real because my clothes are gone. Obviously not all of my clothes, but a good amount of my winter and fall clothing is packed up in a space bag, in one of the dresser drawers. It’s a weird concept, that so much of my life is going down to Maryland a month before I do. There are tons of empty frames on my walls, and I’m living out of a large tote. But I think this will be better than having so few clothes in August that I can barely function. I’ll (of course) be bringing things down with me then, but a lot of this stuff wouldn’t be able to fit in my carry on, or would run a higher risk of being ruined (art).

It’s also difficult because we’re working with such limited space. The boy had to move and condense a lot of his stuff so I would be able to bring in my dresser, and though I feel bad, I appreciate it more than anything. If I had to buy a new, interim dresser, that would be another $30 spent on something I already had. I’ve cut down on spending a lot lately, and it’s difficult, but worth it for not living here anymore.

I’m scared. I’m scared that I’ll not make it, that I’ll regain weight I’ve lost, that I won’t be able to write much while I’m there, and that I’ll lose contact with my friends and family at home. It’s a huge step, and one of the things a friend told me was that, “[I’ll] never feel ready. [I’ve] just got to go out and do it.” It’s terrifying that it’s common knowledge that you won’t feel ready for a big move. But I can’t let that fear hold me back.












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On Changing

Fangirls, we have to talk. It’s time for Fangirls Are We to go through some changes. Though a lot of our stuff is going to stay the same, some things are going to disappear (three comic reviews a week seems a little too much, especially since I have issues keeping up on them), and they’re going to be replaced by lifestyle pieces. There will still be pieces on food and drinks, comics, books, and beauty, but there will also be more DIY and journal-like pieces, along with a more relaxed schedule.

My goal is for this site to bring people together, to give myself and other Fangirls worldwide a sense of community, in loving fandom and life. It’s important that I enjoy writing, and I’ve been having trouble enjoying some things for awhile now. I want the site to be good for everyone, and have different facets, but I also want it to grow and change with me, and I move up and on in life.

I appreciate your ever constant support, Fangirls and Fanboys, as FAW has gone through several large changes throughout our years. I strive to keep the site a safe and positive space for nerdy things and everything else. Thank you so much.

Feminerd: Hillary’s Feminist Focus

dlGtWstI spoke before about the excitement surrounding Hillary Clinton’s campaign, back before she had officially announced her candidacy. Now she’s officially her to battle it out. Whether you support her or not, it’s still pretty damn awesome that a woman running for president has so much attention and potential to win. What’s more awesome, is that she seems to be going in the right direction.

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Music: August / September Jams Playlist

Fangirls! At the end of one month, as the next is beginning, I like to make a playlist of all the music I’ve discovered and been most into over the last month. It makes things easier and more enjoyable, because I can easily access the stuff I want to be listening to, and rock out to it all all at once. Plus, I really enjoy making playlists. It occurred to me that I’ve never shared one of these playlists with you guys, and I figured that now is as good of a time as any. Especially because I feel like my playlist for August & September s pretty damn good one.

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Music: Mapei


Fangirls, I love the feeling of instantly falling for an artist. Sometimes, even with musicians that I adore, it takes a few listens for me to really get into and appreciate it. But sometimes, the moment I hear a song, I’m already enthralled with love & respect for the artist. As you may have guess, that’s exactly my experience with Mapei. Her music has a sort of depth to it that I can’t help but admire. Not to mention, I can just get down to this stuff.

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Feminerd: “Little Lady School”

This week, Fangirls, Feminerd is turning to observe something more from my own life. However, I feel that it’s something that can most likely translate to the lives of many women in our world. Growing up, my incredible mother would teach me little life skills that she would file under something referred to as “Little Lady School”. This so called school’s curriculum consisted of skills that she was raised to believe made a proper lady and that she wanted to pass on to her own daughter. Though these were all very useful tools that I appreciate learning, it always bothered me that they were labeled as things that women must┬álearn.

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