Feminerd: Gender Norms

Fangirls, last week, I over heard a few conversations that rubbed me the wrong way. They were all regarding the same thing. A few women were talking about their children, and things that their kid wanted. The women thought things didn’t align with their gender, and forcefully told them that’s not for girls/boys. Fangirls, I hate this concept. And it is ever present in the world, and in our community.

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Batwoman Review


Greetings, Fangirls! This Tuesday, I happily bring you a post about the wonderful Batwoman. I think that DC’s New 52 Batwoman series is seriously underrated. I don’t ever hear enough buzz about this book, and I think it deserves to be in the limelight. The illustration, the story lines, the character development, it’s all fucking brilliant, Fangirls.

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