Berry Berry Christmas Solid Shower Gel by Lush

Alright friends, I know this is way too late for Christmas, and far too early to just be preparing you for next year, but I finally started using my Berry Berry Christmas Solid Shower Gel, and I’m in love. This solid shower gel smells sweet and lovely, and I need you all to have plenty of time to prepare yourselves to grab it if it comes out this year.

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A Sense8 Christmas

Fangirls, as you may or may not recall, I reviewed a show called Sense8. You can see the review here. Basically, even though it had some flaws, it’s also incredible for several reasons. It has amazing representation and it has a super stressful but super beautiful plot. It takes the knowledge somewhere out there people have the same birthday to the milisecond, and it expands it, connecting those people mentally and physically and emotionally. They are called clusters but more importantly most clusters become a family. The show follows the newest cluster as they discover this new world and run from danger. And this year, they gave us a two hour Christmas special.


There will be spoilers after the break.

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Julep Beauty Maven Box

Hey Fangirls! Once agin I’ve received a lovely little box from Julep, and I loved this one a million times more than the first! It felt more suited to me…because it was! When you’re signing up for Julep, they have you take a little beauty test, and that way they learn a bit about what you like! mine determined that I love deep and classic colors for lip and nails (something I probably have too much of already), and boy did they deliver!


In my December box, I got two absolutely gorgeous nail colors, and a lip mousse that I did not expect to like. I was blown away by how wrong I was about that! Plus they sent along a little candy stick to keep my holidays sweet.

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The Villains Throne: The Grinch

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Christmas tree is up, the menorah is lit and the bells are ring ting tingling too! It is lovely weather to discuss another villain! Keeping in pace with the holiday season I decided to choose a villain that is filled with the holiday spirit. Well, at least in the end he is. It’s time to visit the top of Mt. Krumpet and stop in on our friend, the Grinch!


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