Ani: A Musical Parody

Fangirls, Starkid’s latest musical was released on November 1st.  If you haven’t seen it, you should probably do that right now.

Okay, I hope you watched it.  If not, don’t worry; there are no spoilers here.

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Music Review: Nick Gage

Well, Fangirls, Emily & I have always known that we love Nick Gage of Starkid, but since we discovered his solo music, that love has been tremendously amplified. When we saw Starkid and Jim & Povolos in Chicago, Nick played some of his music Meredith Stepien, and we sang what we remembered of his songs on all of our 12 hour drive home.

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Feelin’ the Love

One of my favorite things from the dance party on Saturday was the love. I’ve never met so many people from such different fandoms who got along so fantastically. It was amazing.

The first thing Joshy K said to me was, “DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU JUST WALKED BY?!” He was excited for me, but not jealous. I’ve met some Fangirls who can be really mean because someone else experiences something they want. But Joshy let us interview him and when he got our shirt, he immediately put it on.
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Fangirls United at the Jim and the Povolos Dance Party

So NatalieCaileen and I worked our tushies off this past week to turn the Jim and the Povolos concert into an opportunity to meet some awesome Fangirls on the streets of New York.  We made a bunch of t-shirts, goodie bags for the band, and so many business cards.  I was so worried that we would be laughed at, but the Starkid Fandom welcomed us with open arms.

Natalie went around and grabbed people to come talk to us about if they considered themselves Fangirls, and other funky things.  This is what we got!

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Jim and the Povolos!

Tomorrow, NatalieCaileen and I are going to see Jim and the Povolos in the Grammercy theatre in New York City.


We’re really excited, but we’ve been doing a lot of preparation this past week.  We made shirts, art, cookies, and even goody bags for the band.  We’re really excited but a little overwhelmed.

Our goal is to interview Fangirls like you and give them a shirt as thanks.  We want to know what your Fangirl experience is.  So if you’re going to the end of the minotaur tomorrow, tweet at us (@DoTheFangirl) or come find us!


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