Fangirl Wishlist

Oh, Fangirls. I have missed you so dearly. Over the last few months, I have been far, far away from Fangirls Are We, studying beverage in the wild land of college. Needless to say, spending my days in lectures on wine & spirits, writing essays about bitters, and touring breweries have deeply impacted the things my Fangirl Heart is craving this holiday season. Fellow cocktail nerds, rejoice!Read More »

Fangirls Play: The Sims 4

the-sims-41So, I’ve been meaning to talk about the newest Sims game for some time. I bought it right when it came out so that I could talk about it when it’s release was a bit more relevant. However, I had to collect my thoughts and let some dust settle in my brain. This game was frankly a huge disappointment. However, it does have it’s moments.

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DIY: Thrift Store Crop Top

image_7One of my favorite things to do, and ways to save money, is to shop for styles I love online or in the mall, then search for similar looks at the thrift store. You might not find exactly what you’re looking for, but you can certainly find something close, and alter it to be a custom piece of your dreams. This weekend, $10 and 20 minutes turned into two new killer crop tops.

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Let’s Talk About: Dry Humping

There’s a lot of taboo and humor around dry humping. People think of it as a beginners action, something only for people refraining from premarital sex, or just something of myth that only happens in jokes. Well, though some of those things are true, it doesn’t have to stop there. Dry humping is very much a real thing that can happen in all stages of a relationship, for many reasons, and with a whole lot of pleasure.  Read More »