Let’s Talk About: Sex & The Senses

Fangirls! Humans are incredibly sexually complex, just like the brain. It’s said, and proven, that the brain is really one of the most important organs in sexual arousal. For get your junk for a minute, our brains control & respond to everything happening to our bodies, so it only makes sense. Our brains trigger & react to everything we see, touch, hear, so the relationship of the brain & senses to our sexuality is extremely direct. On the surface of things, it’s clear that touch would be the most prevalent in sexuality, but when you take a closer look at things, its clear that all five play a tremendous role in our arousal.

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Sex Criminals #2


Greetings, Fangirls! A few weeks ago, we talked about the amazing start to the new Image series, Sex Criminals. The second issue was absolutely no way not even close to a disappointment. I’m in love with this series, and am so eager to see where it’s headed and open up all of the fantastic potential of the characters & story lines. But before we get there, we’ve got the second issue!

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