Aunty Donna’s Big Boys

Fangirls, let me tell you something; I love sketch comedy. I didn’t realize I harbored such an intense love of it until the past year or so, but since then, I’ve been following a group called Aunty Donna. Aunty Donna is an Australian sketch comedy trio who I can’t get enough of, and this past weekend, I got to see them live. 

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The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Fangirls, my mum has been suggesting this show to me for months, and during my sick time last week, I finally started watching it. It’s a show about (you guessed it) a crazy ex-girlfriend. A bit of a sexist term to use for the show, but that’s addressed in the theme song.


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31 Nights of Horror: Week 1

Alright Fangirls, it’s finally time to talk about the 3 movies we’ve watched so far for 31 Nights of Horror (which isn’t actually scary). I am the biggest of chickens, so I’m not a fan of genuinely scary movies, but I do like comedies and the like. So TheThirdRLM has modified his list of spooky movies to accommodate my fears, and we’re mostly watching goofy scary movies.

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Bob’s Burgers Burger Book by Loren Bouchard & the Writers of Bob’s Burgers

Fangirls, I love cookbooks. I think they’re fabulous, and that may come from growing up in a house where we have never had fewer than ten (some recipes you can not get rid of, and it’s easier to keep their books than to write down your favorites). I have a(n unofficial) Harry Potter cookbook, that I love so much because Harry Potter is one of my favorite things, and cooking is another! Plus the idea of fandom related snacks really speaks to me (obviously). So when the Bob’s Burgers Burger Book was announced last year, I totally lost my mind. I adore Bob’s Burgers, both the show and the comic, so of course I wanted the book!


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