Lucky You by Carl Hiaasen

I first started reading Carl Hiaasen quite young. He wrote Hoot, which was turned into a movie, and I read that, along with Flush, when I was about 10. A couple years later, I started on his adult novels. My aunt was a collector of books, and a large fan of Hiaasen, so I could peruse and borrow from her library as I pleased. Now, Hiaasen’s books are comfort food for my brain.

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I have seen ads all over my social media for MeUndies. I also have a friend who is ready to exclusively use MeUndies. So I finally ordered myself a 3 pack, and I’m so excited about them.

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On Young Adulthood

Fangirls, in a little less than month I’ll be turning twenty. I’ve always enjoyed getting older, it doesn’t bother me much. But surely, leaving behind my “teenager” label is quite an odd feeling. It puts a lot of emphasis on the place I’m at in my life as a young adult. It’s a weird, confusing, exciting and difficult place to be at. It’s both liberating, and very overwhelming.

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