Game of Thrones Parts 4 & 5 (Part 2)

Ok, Fangirls, I’ve finally gotten through seasons 4 and 5 of Game of Thrones. I’ll be honest, between having little time and being irritated by a few things within the show, it was a struggle. I’m going to break this up and discuss each season individually.

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Movie (& Book): The Virgin Suicides


A few months ago, Fangirls, I finally got around to reading the Virgin Suicides. I had heard of the book, seen that the movie was on Netflix, and decided I had read the book before I watched the movie. Duh. The story of the Lisbon sisters is very dark & fully charged with adolescent feelings & fascination. To my surprise, I ended up really enjoying the movie more than the book. Which, might be a first for me.

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On: Peach Iced Tea Comparison

Well, Fangirls, it’s not often that we talk about specific products on here. But, my love for peach tea has changed that for the time being. Coffee more or less consumes my life, but when its too hot for that, I’m more likely to go for iced tea that iced coffee. I’m much too picky about iced coffee go searching around for one that with satisfy me. So, my go to summer beverage is iced peach tea. There’s a whole plethora of brands out there, and I’ve tried dozens of them.

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Movie: Maleficent


Sigh. I had such high hopes for this movie, Fangirls, and I really should have known better. When I go into movies that are remakes or sequels, I always try to tell myself that this isn’t that movie. I told myself that Maleficent was not going to be Sleeping Beauty. But, I wasn’t expecting that they would change around the entire story as we know it. When it comes to a story I really love, I have no option but to be critical. Frankly, this movie was a huge disappointment.

Major spoilers ahead! 

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