Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner

While I’d like to say that I’m not picky about my shampoo and conditioner, I’m aware that saying that would make me a liar. So yes, I am picky; my hair is finicky and I’d like it to just stay out of my face, and look alright. I don’t think it’s the biggest request, but with relatively fine, curly hair, it’s a big request.

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EverStrong Thickening Conditioner by L’oreal

Alright you Fangirls with wild hair, lets get down to business. I’ve always struggled with maintaining my hair; I want it to be professional and cute, but also for it to function enough for me to be able to walk to work in the summer heat and humidity. It’s a lot to ask, I’m aware, but it’s something every curly-haired lady I know has dreamed of. When I saw a “thickening conditioner” up next in my sample box, I was a little worried. While my hair is thinner thanks to dyeing it, my curls don’t tend to do all that well with anything that adds thickness. It usually ends up in a massive frizz attack that is neither professional or cute.


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Shampoo Alternative

Hey Fangirls, I thought that today I would talk about how I stopped using shampoos and conditioners in my hair. My hair is fairly long extremely think and curly and the majority of the time I could pass for Rubeus Hagrid. In the last few months before I stopped shampooing I noticed that my hair wasn’t in it’s best condition. It was greasy, frizzy, and just didn’t look good. I started to look online for alternatives for my hair and found an article about using baking soda and apple sider vinegar as a cleaning source.


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