ColourPop Haul-oween

‘m pretty dang proud of this title, so let me just bask in that for a brief moment. Alright…now that I had that pleasure, lets get to it! I ordered some things from ColourPop (a super rad and inexpensive cosmetics brand). For the most part, I have only ordered their lipsticks as I have not dove into the world of eyeshadow in a very long time, but seeing as Halloween is on a Monday this year and many people will be trying to look spooky, I decided to break the comfort level and grab some eyeshadows (along with a highlighter & blush that are not included in this because I still have too much fear to wear them).


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Spiderwoman #6

STK667729It’s been a bit since we’ve checked in with the new super chick kicking butt and taking names, Fangirls. When we last left Spiderwoman, she was getting really involved in a mysterious case of disappearances and terrible villain names. There was fishiness all around it. I had to dive back into this series to see what the heck was going to happen.

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Spider-Woman #5

Spider-Woman_Vol_5_5_TextlessI have never read anything spider related. No Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, nothing of the sort. To be honest, for whatever reason, it has never interested me. However, the folks at my local comic shop strongly suggested that I pick up the new Spider-Woman. Their suggestions have yet to fail me, so I listened. I also took their advice in not buying the first #4 issues, and going right to issue #5. They were beyond correct in their judgement of both things. This issue reads like a first, and it’s also fucking awesome.

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Watch: Thread Banger

New YouTube Branding ThreadBanger

Fangirls! This week I bring you another lovely discovery from the world of YouTube. This channel is something I’ve enjoyed watching a great deal over the last few weeks, and not my usual type of subscription. Tread Banger is a totally badass and incredibly useful channel dedicated to Do It Yourself projects. They’re tutorials are witty, hilarious, but also fantastically helpful & inspirational.

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Villain Chat: Halloween

Fangirls! We take the time on Villain Chat to talk about all things & people scary, spoopy, and intense. So I figured with it just around the corner, we had to talk about the day dedicated to all that good stuff. There’s a lot of history behind Halloween, and like most holidays, it stems from religion. But over the years, it’s become a more fun, thrill seeking event. Either way, I think it very well deserves to be our villain this week, just in time to start getting you pumped up for some celebration.

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She Hulk #5


Fangirls! I’ve happily returned to my coverage of the wonder full She Hulk Marvel Now series. Though, I’m very glad that Emily got the chance to express the love she’s got for this series. Because there’s a whole lot of love, Fangirls. We’re really enjoying this series, and it just keeps getting better & better. Where Emily left off, Jennifer Walters had discovered a blue file case in which she was listed as a defendant, but, she had no recollection of the case. Curious, curious stuff.

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