Batgirl Issues 25 and 27 – 34

Fangirls, DC does some kitschy stuff. These issues are part of two of the kitschy things they did, awhile ago, and I’m not really impressed at all.  Heck, Future’s End is a HUGE monetary  gain that they’re making (Batgirl’s issue came out about three weeks ago, on the 10th) and I’ve bought into it.  I’ve got the lenticular Villain’s month covers from last year and all that dumb stuff, but I liked those.  These I did not.  The final three I did enjoy, and I feel like they finished out Gail Simone’s run rather well.


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Catwoman Volume Two: Dollhouse

Hello again, Fangirls! After a long day of Fangirling I tend to enjoy curling up with a good trade to read and relax before passing out. This book is great for that; unless you don’t like dolls. In this collection (Catwoman 7-12), we see our favorite feline working with another criminal. Spark, a guy who’s great with electrical currents, saves her butt when she’s set up by the cop that saved her a couple issues back. But who can blame him, everyone wants to get their hands on her!


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