Lush’s So White Shower Gel

Fangirls, you all know how I feel about the So White scent from Lush. If you aren’t aware; I live for it. It’s a beautifully strong apple scent that smells just as pure as an apple orchard. I can not get enough of it. Here in the states we usually get it as a bath bomb, but this year we got a lotion instead. To complete the trifecta, however, I had to look to the UK site.

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Zodiac Palette from BH Cosmetics

Alright Fangirls, we’re putting a quick pause on the Lush stuff for a week because I ordered a palette. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but Emily, you already have several palettes! You’re not wrong, dear readers. But this one I bought because of Zodiac Starforce, and therefore, I think it’s justifiable.

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Colour Pop’s Vixen Palette

Fangirls, I love me some lipstick. I was sick and didn’t wear makeup to work the other day, and one of my coworkers said, “Are you feeling okay? You’re not wearing any lipstick…” My lipstick bag is bigger than my regular cosmetic bag; it’s a real addiction. One of my favorite brands is Colour Pop; a cosmetic company that is cruelty free, and the perfect price: $5. Awhile back, I got an email from Colour Pop, letting me know that they had some new palettes being released, one of which was Vixen. Of course I signed in to my account, grabbed Vixen, and cashed out before I could add too much more to my cart. Since Vixen comes with 6 different full sized lippie stix, so it’s $30 instead of $5, but it came with free shipping, and a card saying I’m their favorite Muggle. What’s not to love?

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Warming Balsam Fir Mineral Bath Salts

I don’t think I’m ever not going to be into baths. I love sliding into a nice hot dip and just letting all of my bothers disappear into the water. The other day I was feeling far from my best, so I threw some grocery store bath salts into the tub, and took a soak. I didn’t expect much from the salts, as I’ve become a stuck up jerk when it comes to my baths. But you know what? This was amazing.


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Lush’s Heart Throb Bubbleroon

Happy late Valentine’s Day, Fangirls! Since this was my first year without a Valentine in awhile, I decided to be my own Valentine, and ordered myself a couple Lush Bubble Bars, and took a dip in one of them, the Heart Throb, last night. I had read online that instead of just splitting your Bubbleroons in half, you can cut them into quarters and get even more baths out of them! So that’s what I did with my Heart Throb, and I loved it.


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