Cucumber Quest by Gigi DG

Friends and Fangirls, I’m only 3 volumes in, but I am in Love with Cucumber Quest! This phenomenal series is great for all ages, and is beyond adorable. Let’s get into it!

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Danielle Nicole Handbags

I am not usually one for fancy purses, but I’ve been investing in a couple statement pieces here and there. Back in July, Danielle Nicole had a great sale going, so I grabbed myself my two favorite bags from the collections that were out, and went on my merry way.

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Tokyo Kawaii Club Subscription Box

Friends and Fangirls, we know that I have an addiction to Disney. I spend too much money in the parks, on the app, and even on excursions to Disney. One place that’s far off from being an option is visiting the Disney Parks that are overseas. But they still have incredible merchandise, so I have to get my hands on it somehow! So I found out about Tokyo Kawaii Club, and signed up for a trial month box. It came in last week, and I loved it!

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