I want to start by saying I know nothing about Archie. I read one of the first issues of a revival of it because a friend recommended it. But the show Riverdale has been on my watch list since I first saw the weird CW treatment it was getting.

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The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Fangirls, my mum has been suggesting this show to me for months, and during my sick time last week, I finally started watching it. It’s a show about (you guessed it) a crazy ex-girlfriend. A bit of a sexist term to use for the show, but that’s addressed in the theme song.


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The Flash: “Things You Can’t Outrun”

flash-things-you-cant-outrunIn the 3rd installment of my new favorite superhero show, Barry faces off against Kyle Nimbus, a meta human who is able to turn himself into a cloud of poison gas as a result of being on death row during the STAR Labs accident that gave Barry and all the other meta-humans their powers. Cisco dubs him “The Mist” and he is the first villain I have never heard of so far in the show!

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