Teen Titans GO! To The Movies

I know that Teen Titans GO! is a pretty divisive subject, but I’m someone who loves it. I have no beef with the cartoon from when I was younger, but this dumb, fun show is directly up my alley. So when they came to the big screen this summer, you can bet your butt I got tickets!

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LEGO DC Comics Duper Heroes: Justice League VS Bizarro League

Fangirls, I had never seen a Lego movie (other than The Lego Movie) before this one, and I really wasn’t planning on watching any.  I had seen that some were being released, with stories pertaining to the Lego videogames, but my interest was more with the games.  But I got Lego Justice League VS Bizarro League, and I’m quite impressed.


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Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Fangirls, I’ve never really considered myself to be a fan of Aquaman.  He’s kind of the joke member of the Justice League.  But I got the chance to watch this movie about his origin before it comes out next week, so I figured why not?  I’ll get to know Aquaman a bit better.


This movie takes place in the early years of the Justice League.  In it, Arthur Curry gets attacked and brought to Atlantis to meet his mother, Atlanna, but his half brother Orm and his buddy Black Manta don’t want him or his mother around anymore.  So they kill her, and send Arthur Curry along with Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Mera (the queen’s guard).  They’re sacrificed to a spooky undersea demon thing, but Aquaman breaks free and takes charge.


They go back to the surface, as a massive tidal wave approaches (thanks, Orm).  The Atlanteans are following Orm’s lead and killing humans. The Justice League works together to fight them, but eventually it is Aquaman, who takes down Orm.  Cyborg helps, with a recording of Orm confessing to killing Queen Atlanna, projected for the Atlantean warriors to see.

It’s a very interesting movie, and it definitely made me care about Aquaman more, while helping me learn a bit about Orm, who goes on to become Ocean Master.  Ocean Master and Black Manta are the two villains that are specifically made for Aquaman, so it helps me give more of a crap about him when I know how big of jerks his enemies are.

A couple things I wasn’t into in the movie; I found it a little weird that both Superman and Wonder Woman could be underwater without breathing masks and still be able to talk.  I thought it was a bit weird, and asked a friend (who’s a huge Superfan) about it, and he said that Superman can hold his breath underwater, but shouldn’t be able to speak.  Also, I don’t like when the two of them are dating, because I don’t like Superman.

All of that being said, my complaints aren’t about Aquaman, or the main storyline.  I think it was a fun movie, and is neat to see the beginnings of the Justice League.  There’s already some internal fighting, but that seems pretty normal for them.  I also really enjoyed getting to see Mera.  Though I’m not typically a fan of Aquaman, I think Mera is one of the most badass ladies ever, and this movie really shows it off.  She’s a champion, and when she’s on land she does what looks like water bending (like in Avatar the last Airbender).  I got really excited watching her send water spears through bad guys, then letting the water relax, as if she were thinking, oops, no evidence.  She’s great.


So Fangirls, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis hits shelves January 27th, and will be on Blu-Ray / DVD / Digital Copy combo pack ($24.98), or as a DVD (SRP $19.98).  It’s also available digitally, right now.  It is rated PG-13, for violence and language, be aware.  Check it out!  And be sure to watch through the credits, there’s a hint at what’s coming next.








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