The What’s Underneath Project

maxresdefaultLet me tell all you Fangirls about a webseries that I’ve recently become pretty obsessed with. The child of the YouTube channel StyleLikeU, the What’s Underneath Project is both all about style and not at all about style. It is the most beautiful contradiction.

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Cyclops #7

Cyclops7This series has been a whole lot of ups & downs for both Scott Summers & the reader. Parts of this series really could be better, but for the most part, it has been better than expected. Now it’s got a new writer & artist, and it’s tough to tell exactly what that means for Cyclops. Because not a whole lot happened this issue.

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Feminerd: “Little Lady School”

This week, Fangirls, Feminerd is turning to observe something more from my own life. However, I feel that it’s something that can most likely translate to the lives of many women in our world. Growing up, my incredible mother would teach me little life skills that she would file under something referred to as “Little Lady School”. This so called school’s curriculum consisted of skills that she was raised to believe made a proper lady and that she wanted to pass on to her own daughter. Though these were all very useful tools that I appreciate learning, it always bothered me that they were labeled as things that women must┬álearn.

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Batwoman #31


Oh Fangirls, there’s always just too many weeks in between our chats about my beloved Batwoman. But, it just makes it even better when the time comes. I’ve been on the edge of my seat a bit with all of these happenings with the Wolf Spider and these paintings. After duking it out a few times now, I think the battle between these two might finally be coming to a conclusion with this issue.

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