Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps Issue 4

The Thors are coming, the Thors are coming!


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Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps Issue 2

Fangirls, this is a gorgeous and intense series. Two issues in, and I’m concerned about characters other than Captain Marvel, because they’re well written and shown as important. It’s wonderful seeing not just Carol written well, but a whole team of women.


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Carol Corps Issue 1

Much like my ending with Black Widow, I’ve really been putting off picking up Carol Corps. I really loved Captain Marvel, and I feel like nothing can replace the void that has been left by both her book and Widow’s. But when I picked up Carol Corps issue 1 yesterday, I was very into it. It may be because Kelly Sue Deconnick still has her hand in it, but whatever it takes to get me into it, I’m alright with.


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Captain Marvel Issues 13 – 15

Fangirls, I would like to really urge you to read Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel. The series is over, but Carol Corps is taking over, and I’m excited for that, but I am incredibly affected by the happenings of these final issues (15 in particular). I really believe that everyone should read this comic, not only because it’s absolutely phenomenal, but it pulls emotions out of you like you wouldn’t believe. I thought I was very attached to Wonder Woman (from the Brian Azarello and Cliff Chiang series), but they didn’t affect me the way Captain Marvel has.


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Captain Marvel Issue 12

Fangirls, this issue has me worried.  Captain Marvel gets dropped back off at her ship by Lila, only to find her ship empty and off.  She uses her power to restart it, but can only see that Tic and Chewie have been kidnapped by the Haffensye.  Once her ship starts up again, she realizes that the Haffensye didn’t destroy it, because they wanted to kill her in the process; it was a trap.


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Captain Marvel Issue 10

Fangirls, I hope you’ve been reading Captain Marvel because this issue celebrates a momentous occasion; the 100th solo issue of Captain Marvel, and the 10th issue of this run.  It’s fantastic.  To celebrate, the story is told in a way different than others, it’s told from the perspectives of her friends as they recount a run-in with Grace Valenitne (who totally hates Cap Marvel’s guts).  They’re told through the letters that Carol is reading, thanks to Lila Cheney, and it’s quite a lovely way to spend a 100th issue.


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