Darius the Great is Not Okay by Adib Khorram

Oh my goodness. I absolutely devoured this book, and I’m not sure if it’s because I was coming off reading a book I wasn’t enjoying or just because this book is So Good (capitals required). But I love Darius and I think you should too. 

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Skeletor’s Guide to Self Care by Skeletor

I was originally going to drop this into the comic review slot, but this is more of a zine than anything else, and since I’m on a roll with Last Man comics, I figured we could pop this in here. And as wild as that title sounds, it’s exactly what it says; a book about self care, written by Skeletor.

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Fangirls I’ve been busy. Up until recently there has been AF stuff almost every weekend, and the past two weeks we’ve had plans with people along with whatever we’re doing at home on the weekends. But not this weekend. He is going to a wrestling thing this weekend, but I am not and I honestly couldn’t be more excited.

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Appdicted: Moodtrack

Fangirls I’ve been suffering from a very severe depressive episode as of late. For me (and many others) that means an extreme loss of interest, increased negative thoughts, and just an influx of sad. It’s difficult for me and my significant other to deal with; there’s a lot happening in my brain, and most of it is bad. In minor attempts to combat the feelings and thoughts, I’ve been doing research at work; we have access to workshops, and some of them are specifically for mental disorders.

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We’re in the point of the year that’s spent wrapping presents for people we care about and all I can think about is how I won’t see my family on Christmas this year. I was in NY last week to do the holidays and it felt nice, but as we get closer to the actual holiday, I feel cruddy. It’s not about the presents, it’s about feeling cared about. And my family makes me feel that way.


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