Let’s Talk About: Just the Tips by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarksy


You recognize those names, don’t you, Fangirls? Yes, of course you do, because we’re all obsessed with them and there incredibly fantastic series Sex Criminals. You may or may not know that these two also offer the world more mind blowing humor in a variety of things. One of those is their recently released sex guide Just the Tips, a hilarious & maybe accurate little book of advice & inspiration. Read More »


Let’s Talk About: Circumcision


Though it’s a hot button topic, it’s about time I talk about circumcision, Fangirls. Circumcision is a procedure with a whole lot of opinion around it. It’s rooted in tradition, and there’s a million different reasons why it happens. The question is, though, if any of those reasons make it okay.

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Male & Female Anatomy

Fangirls! This week, we’re going back to basics. An important, and what should be the first, step in being a sexually positive person is understanding what the heck is going on. Many people are very intimidated by their own genitals, and that’s got to change. There appears to be so much going on, but once you learn what you’re working with, it’s so much easier to keep everything in tip top shape and put it to good use!

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