Movie: Whiplash

whiplash-posterAfter not hearing about it until the Oscars, I picked up Whiplash while at the store the other night. Of all the best picture nominees, this one caught my attention the most. I didn’t really know what to expect from it, but it seemed like a promising film. Holy fucking cow, Fangirls. This movie was a spectacle of intensity and unexpected amazement. It seriously left me completely speechless.

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Movie: Beginners


Scrolling around Netflix can do the heart some good, Fangirls. I love choosing random movies or shoes to watch, things I’ve never heard of. I went to do this one day this past weekend, and accidentally ended up at a movie I had wanted to see, I just didn’t know what it was. I had heard about Beginners, though I hadn’t remembered the name, and after initially choosing the movie, was delighted that “Oh! This is that movie!” However, this was more than “that movie”, Fangirls. This was an incredibly directed and creative film that had me feeling all sorts of feelings.

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Movie: Nymphomaniac Volume I & II


This series was something, Fangirls. It was certainly one of the most engaging movies I’ve watched in a long time, I was just so pulled in. Though this was a two part installment, and both were full length films, I refer to them as one. Because really, it is one whole story. One insane, interesting, and very detail oriented story. Lars von Trier does an incredible job telling this woman’s story and going through her life as a self diagnosed nymphomaniac.

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Movie (& Book): The Virgin Suicides


A few months ago, Fangirls, I finally got around to reading the Virgin Suicides. I had heard of the book, seen that the movie was on Netflix, and decided I had read the book before I watched the movie. Duh. The story of the Lisbon sisters is very dark & fully charged with adolescent feelings & fascination. To my surprise, I ended up really enjoying the movie more than the book. Which, might be a first for me.

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Movie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Now, Fangirls, I read this book when I was a freshman in high school. I loved it, I read it very quickly. I was nervous about watching this movie and about writing this article because I don’t have the best memory, Fangirls. This will not be an in depth & detailed comparison of the book & movie. I simply finally got around to watching a movie adapted from a great book, and it wasn’t half bad.

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