Playlist: Summer 2015

summer2015It has been nearly a year since I shared one of my current favorites playlists, Fangirls. It’s about time that changed. This summer has brought me buckets of fantastic tunes that have been playing nonstop in my car & around the house. So, I’ve reflected upon the last few months of music and what I’ve been enjoying the most, and put together a dozen of the highlights. Read More »

Music: Spotify’s Discover Weekly

IMG_4635So, Fangirls. I was all set to talk about Apple’s new music streaming service, which I was feeling just okay about, and then my beloved Spotify dropped a new feature that grabbed my attention. As I’ve spoken about before, I adore Spotify Premium, their Discover feature, and all that they offer. Then, they really decided to up the ante. A weekly playlist made just for me? Hell yes, pleaseRead More »

Music: FKA twigs

2014 Pitchfork Music Festival - Day 2

I know I probably say this more often than not, Fangirls, but it’s been a long time since I’ve fallen this hard for a musician’s sound. I’m completely obsessed, enthralled, consumed by this woman’s music. I’ve been looping her album for days. FKA twigs has brought something completely unique and stimulating to the table, and I think I’m addicted.

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Music: August / September Jams Playlist

Fangirls! At the end of one month, as the next is beginning, I like to make a playlist of all the music I’ve discovered and been most into over the last month. It makes things easier and more enjoyable, because I can easily access the stuff I want to be listening to, and rock out to it all all at once. Plus, I really enjoy making playlists. It occurred to me that I’ve never shared one of these playlists with you guys, and I figured that now is as good of a time as any. Especially because I feel like my playlist for August & September s pretty damn good one.

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Music: Mapei


Fangirls, I love the feeling of instantly falling for an artist. Sometimes, even with musicians that I adore, it takes a few listens for me to really get into and appreciate it. But sometimes, the moment I hear a song, I’m already enthralled with love & respect for the artist. As you may have guess, that’s exactly my experience with Mapei. Her music has a sort of depth to it that I can’t help but admire. Not to mention, I can just get down to this stuff.

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The Fauna Rebellion Review

photo (78)

Back when Emily first introduced me to comics, I found a short little independent run in the dollar bin of our local comic shop. The Fauna Rebellion looked pretty interesting and funny, and I was drawn to the skinny jackalope character on the front covers. A three book series from 1990, they were books that were completely different from the DC superheroes I’d been immersing myself in, which was a nice new way for me to look at the world of comics. Soon, the books had me giggling, flipping pages, and falling in love with Junior Jacklope.

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