Star Trek Discovery

I was raised on Star Trek. As a baby, I’d watch the Original Series reruns and new episodes of Next Generation. I have very distinct memories of watching the finales of DS9 and Voyager. I enjoyed Enterprise as a teenager. And now, as an adult, I get to watch an all new Star Trek – Star Trek Discovery.

discovery 1

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On: Ancestry

Nora's_ShipSince I was a child, I’ve been trying to pull out as much information about my family as I could from my parents. I’ve always felt a sense of importance about it. When I got to that age when you realize your parents do not know the answer to every question, things slowed down. Until a few months ago, I wasn’t taking in much in the way of new information. Now, it’s coming in waves. Huge, overwhelming, fucking fantastic waves. Read More »

Music: Spotify’s Discover Weekly

IMG_4635So, Fangirls. I was all set to talk about Apple’s new music streaming service, which I was feeling just okay about, and then my beloved Spotify dropped a new feature that grabbed my attention. As I’ve spoken about before, I adore Spotify Premium, their Discover feature, and all that they offer. Then, they really decided to up the ante. A weekly playlist made just for me? Hell yes, pleaseRead More »

Music: Warpaint


This past summer I started a new band, Fangirls. It’s different from anything I’ve ever played, I started it to challenge myself, but more importantly, to just have fun. It has opened me up to a lot of new influences musically, as well. Not long after forming the band, I discovered an incredible band called Warpaint. They’re inspiring not only in their sound, but also in that there a band of talented women, respected just as much as their rocking male counterparts in the industry.

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Music: Wannabe Jalva


Fangirls, sometimes a band just grooves so hard. Wannabe Jalva is a Brazilian band that makes me wish that I found them much earlier in the summer. But, I’m happy to have heard them just as they released a killer new single, and have a an EP on the way that will no doubt be dazzling. This band has such a great flavor of fun rock & roll that makes me want to dance around like a fool.

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Music: Hammond Song by The Roches


Fangirls, late yesterday I found this band entirely by accident. I nearly dropped my laptop, and in catching it, hit the mouse pad, and ended up on The Roches Spotify page, and began playing this song. I’d never heard this band, but was happy I had found this song by such freak accident. The sister trio pack a powerful punch of unique harmonies that I’m finding I can listen to all day.

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Music: DeVotchKa


Fangirls, that thing happened again. The thing where years ago, I heard a really great band, and then they some how quickly escaped from my life. I must have been in middle school when I first heard DeVotchKa. I don’t know how they didn’t stick then, but what matters is that they are back in my life and I’m bursting with excitement from rediscovering them.

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