Supernatural: “Bloodlines”

normal_SN920b_0334bYou read that right, last night’s episode set up the anticipated Supernatural spin-off series “Bloodlines.” Some people didn’t like it, because it departed from the usual Supernatural comedic relief and felt like a heavier version of the show. Even though it was more serious and some of the character’s back stories were a tad predictable with a very “Romeo and Juliet” love story, I still loved the episode and I am excited to see where the spin off will go.Read More »


Twisted Review

Hey Starkiddies! You know what happened last week?! That’s right, Twisted came out! I mean, thanksgiving happened too, and that was cool, but TWISTED. Really though, I was pumped for that. I love Team Starkid, I love Disney, and I love Wicked, so it’s as if this musical was made for me.


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