Let’s Talk About: Hook Ups & Casual Sex

Greetings, Fangirls! I’ve wanted to talk about this topic for a while, because it’s certainly something that needs to be talked about. As a 20 year old, talk of casual sex seems to be all around me. Especially with things like Tinder booming in popularity. I love that people are exploring new things & people, and not being afraid to have a lot of sex. But, I do worry that people aren’t going about things in a completely safe & sex positive way.

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“Raggedy Man, Goodnight.”

KoBFIO3So, it’s 2014 and I am still sad about this episode. I have been sad since¬†last year. Any Whovian can tell you that a regeneration is a double edged sword of excitement for a new Doctor but also a crushing sadness at the thought of losing the face we have come to know and love. Everything he is dies and some new man goes sauntering off across the universe on some new adventure.¬†Read More »

Whovain Wednesdays: Tesseract, Issue #1

We now return to your regularly scheduled Doctor Who comic recaps!


We have now moved onto Volume Two: Tesseract! When we left our two-hearted hero, he had just foiled Mr. Finch and the Terronite’s plot to kill him and The Shadow Proclamation, returned to Hollywoodland and picked up Emily and Matthew as temporary companions! Also, an important detail that absolutely cannot be looked over, unbeknownst to The Doctor, The Advocate is alive, and had actually orchestrated the entire coup. She alluded to some greater plot to destroy The Doctor too. Oh no!

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