Nine Women, One Dress by Jane L Rosen IMAGE

I picked up this book ages ago; before I got back into my YA groove. It’s an adult romance book (not a bodice ripper, but still romance), and it’s about fashion. 

Taking place through numerous points of view (not just the views of nine women), this book revolves around the way those nine women’s lives are affected by one dress. It also starts and ends with the pattern maker of the dress, and has a lovely full circle feeling. 

It’s a beautiful story about love, in more than one way; there are many love and loss stories within its pages. There are cheating husbands, wives, and fresh starts. It really has it all, and that made me love it. 

I had been putting off reading this book for ages, but everyone suggested I bring it with me on my road trip, and I’m so glad they did. It’s a fantastic read; so much fun and love in it. I highly recommend it. 


Music: PJ Harvey


It’s been some time since I’ve talked at y’all Fangirls about a old favorite artist of mine. Recently, I’ve found myself extra into an artist I’ve adored for a while now. So, I figured it was time to talk about the legendary PJ Harvey. From shouty & grungey rock to dreamy & soft & dreamy piano ballads, Ms. Harvey knows how to make some incredible tunes.

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