On Growing Up With an Alcoholic

Hey Fangirls, today we’re going to get a little serious, and delve into my past a bit.  I know I’ve mentioned some of this in passing before, but for a significant amount of my life, I lived with an alcoholic. My father, for almost the entire time I’ve known him, has struggled with addiction.  He has a severely addictive personality, which is something he (regrettably) passed on to me.


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Nerds Gotta Drink: Make It Pink, Make It Blue

Hey Fangirls! In celebration of Natalie’s recent watching of Sleeping Beauty for the first time, I made 2 drinks that are great for summer parties. Like Princess Aurora’s dress, your drink can either be pink, or blue. And once you try both, you’ll be arguing with your faerie friends about which drink to make. If you’re ready to get as drunk as Kings Stefan and Hubert, click more!


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