Ex Officio Travelers Undies

I heard about these travelers undies while listening to travel blogs at work one day. Since my mum and I are preparing for a week-long trip to the UK with just our carry-on luggage, I’m looking for as many ways as possible to make my pack lighter (more space=more room for souvenirs). One of the blogs I was listening to brought Ex Officio up; apparently their underwear is some of the best in travel for men and women, so I figured I would try it out!

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Let’s Talk About: Ejaculation

ejaculationWe’re not just talking grunting dudes and semen, Fangirls, we’re going to hit all the bases of ejaculation. Yep, there’s more than one. And we, as entire educated people, should know as much about all of them as we do about the average male ejaculation. A girl can dream.

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Let’s Talk About: Dry Humping

There’s a lot of taboo and humor around dry humping. People think of it as a beginners action, something only for people refraining from premarital sex, or just something of myth that only happens in jokes. Well, though some of those things are true, it doesn’t have to stop there. Dry humping is very much a real thing that can happen in all stages of a relationship, for many reasons, and with a whole lot of pleasure.  Read More »

Music: PJ Harvey


It’s been some time since I’ve talked at y’all Fangirls about a old favorite artist of mine. Recently, I’ve found myself extra into an artist I’ve adored for a while now. So, I figured it was time to talk about the legendary PJ Harvey. From shouty & grungey rock to dreamy & soft & dreamy piano ballads, Ms. Harvey knows how to make some incredible tunes.

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