Fangirl Fuel #3!

Hey there, Fangirls! It’s that time of the month! Nope, the other one. Where we get together and talk about the happenings of the past month and what’s to come in the next few. This week we talk movies, new stuff from Disney, and new comic series!

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Rat Queens Issue 6

Hey Fangirls! I know today is usually the day for Rocket Girl, but the next issue of that doesn’t come out until next week. But, Rat Queens number 6 came out last week, so we’re switching them. While you wait for the next review of Rocket Girl, you can recap the last one here. But now, to the issue at hand; Rat Queens!

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Rat Queens – An Excited Review

Hey Fangirls!  I was hemming and hawing over what to write about this week, when Natalie made a rather brilliant suggestion; Rat Queens.  It’s a baby comic (the 3rd issue comes out in 2 and a half weeks), and it’s lovely beyond belief.  Our insider at the comic shop suggested it to me the week it came out, and I’m so glad she did.  It’s a questing story, but get this, the questers are female!


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