Lamb Bomb Bomb from Lush

Can we stop for a minute, and just appreciate how dang cute this bath bomb is, please?

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American Gods Episode 8

Do you know the one thing that makes me sad about TV shows? The waiting between seasons. I am now waiting on every show I watch. Most recently, American Gods aired its season finale. Thankfully we were blessed by Media to receive a second season during the airing of the second episode. And this finale is leading up to a big old battle.

american gods tv 1

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Singles Swag Box: April 2017

I have mixed feelings about the marketing behind this box. On one hand, I’m not single and I need reminders to love myself. But on the other hand, do folks who are single need more of a reminder to love themselves? If that was the case, should this be free? Either way, it’s been a minute since I got myself a subscription box and I definitely love myself, so I treated myself and ordered the Singles Swag box.

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Hoppy Easter!

Yeah, I know that was lame, but seriously, Happy Easter Fangirls.  This is our first holiday together, so it better be good.

Now, for a really long time, people have dyed eggs to celebrate Easter.  These eggs were taken from the fridge and hidden throughout the house for people to find.  The Easter Bunny takes these eggs and hides them, because rabbits are the symbol of fertility, and children used to think that hares laid eggs in the grass.  I don’t know who was teaching these children that bunnies didn’t have live birth, but whatever.

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