Mouthwash Tabs from Lush

As you all know, I have been making my way through the newest collection from Lush cosmetics. One of the newest creations is mouthwash tabs, and I love them. Let’s get right into it.

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Nerds Gotta Eat: Falafel

Fangirls, I made falafel last week, and I’m incredibly proud of myself for doing so. It’s not that it was super labor intensive, or wildly difficult, but it was something that I wanted to make, and I got my s together and made it! It’s a very fulfilling feeling. I don’t know if this falafel will make you feel as strongly as it made me feel, but it’s worth a shot, right?

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NGE: Danny Phantom Brownies

Gotta eat ’em all ’cause he’s Danny Phantom.

Danny Phantom was a pretty rad show about a dude in high school who accidentally turned into a half ghost and he had to deal with his ghost hunter parents along with other teenage nonsense. It was a fun show, and awhile back someone suggested that I make something Danny Phantom themed for Nerds Gotta Eat. And here we are.

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Burritos For Days

Since my move, I’ve stopped tracking my intake. It’s showing and is frustrating, but I found that I was pushing myself too hard with it, and it was borderline dangerous. I’m still trying to lose weight, though, by exercising more often and being more aware of the food I put into my body. The easiest way that I’ve found to deal with that, is to put (basically) the same stuff into my body every day. It’s helping to shrink my appetite, and (in conjunction with working out) is helping me to lose weight. My dinner, every night this week, has been burritos, because Monday night I had an (almost) insatiable craving for Chipotle, but we’re working to not eat out so often, and to use the food that we have. Luckily, I had simple burrito fixings at the apartment, and made a healthier burrito that I can eat without feeling guilty.


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