Fangirls, this the season to be giving! Giving thanks for the people around us, giving love to everyone, and giving presents during the holidays! I adore giving presents, because I feel like it’s a little piece of me getting sent to someone I care about. Since I can’t always get individual presents for everyone I care about, I love organizing Yankee swaps and Secret Santas. The other day, someone on Twitter brought Elfster to my attention; it’s a way to put together a Secret Santa online; it gives everyone someone to give to, a spending limit, and makes it possible to do secret Santas across the country and even the globe!

Since I love giving presents, and I love all of you, I thought it would be wonderful to create an Elfster Secret Santa. So I did! You can join the Fangirl Secret Santa at:

Our spending limit is $25, and I am not including shipping in that. All you have to do is follow the link, sign up, and you’ll be ready to go! Of course you should put in the things you like as well. This is open to Fangirls and Fanboys of all nerd-doms, and I’m really excited to get to gift giving!