Batwoman #38

STK659730With only 3 issues left for me to review, things are starting to close here, Fangirls. Though, you really wouldn’t be able to tell from the comic itself. But I’ve gotten used to this series being misleading. Batwoman has a few issues left to wrap things up, and here they are practically beginning a whole new story. SighRead More »

She Hulk #12

4388458-shehulk2014012_dc11-0Oh, Fangirls. The time has come. This issue of She Hulk, marks it’s very last. At least for this run. Of course, this isn’t the end of She Hulk as we know it. That would be truly tragic. However, it is the end of She Hulk has we know her here. It’s been an excellent 12 issue run, that I’m content with. But before we get to the whole series ending thing, we’ve got some conflicts to resolve.

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Elektra #11

STK662494This series is full of twists and turns, Fangirls. But by far the biggest surprise of Elektra, is that it just ended. Maybe that surprise is more on my part because I wasn’t paying attention to any sort of comic news update in which I could have been informed, but I didn’t hear any buzz in the comic shop or anything. I found out this comic was over when I just read this issue, with a note from it’s creators. I’m upset that it’s over, but mainly I’m just pissed with how they ended it.

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Peter & Max by Bill Willingham

Hey Fangirls! The other day my lovely friend Shannon leant me this book, Peter & Max, by Bill Willingham, to read, and I’m very grateful that she did. If you’re at all familiar with Bill Willingham’s Fables stories, you know that they’re about what we think of as fairy tale creatures, but they’re actually from another land and another time. This book is not a comic, like Fables, but a written story about two Pipers, Max and Peter.


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Movie: Adore


So two nights ago, Fangirls, I some how stumbled upon quite an interesting movie on Netflix. It seemed like just my type of bad forbidden love story movie. Even if they’re terrible, I just love watching movies about weird love / sex stories, for the sake of both getting a laugh & observing the weird places sexuality takes you sometimes. I thought the would be awful, but I found myself very wrapped up in the story line and enjoying the movie quite a bit. Until the ending, of course.

Get ready for a whole lot of spoilers, Fangirls! If you want to watch & experience this movie for yourself, I’d turn back now.

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